Thursday, November 27, 2008

Canada Reads!

Hey all!
If you have second, head over to to check out the CBC Canada Reads picks for 2009.  All of the books selected look amazing, but we are especially proud of Brian Francis' Fruit, because it was edited by Sue's good friend Jen.  Find out more about Fruit by visiting (to be shortened to at a later date).  The way the competition works is outlined as well at the CBC website.
Fruit is a laugh-out-loud book written from the eyes of an overweight 13-year-old boy (Peter) who feels like his body is letting him down.  He knows there is something different about him, and doesn't understand why other boys don't have fantasies about neighbourhood men on his paper route answering the door in nothing but a red speedo.  As his older sisters constantly bully him, his mother over-mothers him, and his father is largely absent on the living room recliner, Peter begins to learn who he is.  Jen calls Fruit, "brilliant."
Everybody please head over to the Canada Reads site and check out all of the 2009 picks—and then vote for Fruit!

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