Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Hello All!
This month we met and discussed Diane Setterfield's The Thirteenth Tail.  Wow.  What a fantastic book!  I think it's safe to say that the majority of us devoured this book!  Setterfield's ability to keep the ending a secret until the very end—combined with her uncanny understanding of gothic conventions—kept each of hanging on tight until the ride came to an end.  The hot topic of conversation last night was, "who was able to figure it out?" and, "when did you figure it out?"  I would never betray the ending for anyone who has never read this book—but for those of you who have—you KNOW what I am talking about.  We also discussed whether or not Vida Winter truly pulled Emmeline (the real Emmeline) or Adeline from the fire.  We wondered why she never went back for that baby, too.  We figured that Ms. Winter must have felt that he was safe where he was, and that he was receiving better care.  I wondered how Vida knew that Margaret had a back-story that paralleled her own, so we also discussed how Ms. Winter suspected Margaret's twin-ness by the paper she wrote, which was about two brothers.
I think the overall consensus on this book was that it was absolutely fantastic.
In other news, we also discussed a meeting time and date for a December dinner.  A time and place was selected, and Sue is going to make reservations.  Members, check your inboxes soon for details. 
We also selected the next four months worth of books.  In January we will be reading William P. Young's The Shack, in February we will be reading John Boyne's The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, in March we will be reading Chitra Divakaruni's The Mistress of Spices, and in April we will be reading Emma Donahue's The Sealed Letter.  There was some buzz about asking Emma Donahue to join us in April.  Darline, let me know if you are able to talk to her.  If not I will see if I can somehow contact her—maybe via email?  It would be so great if she could join us!
As always, we love hearing you opinions!  Whether you're a member or not, drop us a comment—we'd love to hear your thoughts.
Cant wait to see everyone in December.  We will be VERY unofficially discussing Stephanie Meyer's Twilight saga (Hahaha… sorry Sue, but you saw what happened at the last book club, and besides, the conversation needs that dissenting view—and you can also tell us all why Spike is better than Edward! *LOL*)
See you all in December.

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