Saturday, November 8, 2008


Hi everybody, and thanks for reading this late post.
When we met in October, we discussed Lisa See's Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.  While this book didn't appear to generate the same level of discussion as its predecessor—The Friday Night Knitting Club—I think most of us enjoyed it.  I know that most of us agreed that one of the best things about this book was that it allowed us to learn something.  Not many of us knew what life was like for women in China in the past.   I was grateful that Lisa See allowed us to glimpse into the heartaches and happiness of women from different walks of life.  Some of us were quick to say that we'd never be able to endure the life that Lily had—being confined to the women's rooms with our feet bound.  However, it is easy for us to say such things; not one of us has walked a mile in a seven-inch silk slipper.
As I mentioned previously, this novel's major strength was its ability to weave the tale of Lily's life in its entirety, while opening the reader's eyes to the way of life in China during Lily's lifetime.  Lisa See writes a beautiful story that has all of the elements: friendship, love, pain, death, betrayal, redemption, and finality.  I think that the book was received generally well overall.  Page-turner this book is not, however, I think the general consensus was a positive one.
Since the winter season is fast approaching, we discussed a few other items.  We each should think of a place that we might like to o for dinner in December.  We will need to pick a place during our November meeting.  As well, we should be deciding on a book for January.  Stephanie Meyer's Twilight was brought to the table again.  I have read the entire saga now—while it is HIGHLY addictive, and quite delicious (sorry Sue)—I don't know if it's book club discussion material.  Darlene suggested William P. Young's The Shack.  I think it would certainly generate a strong discussion.  Let's all bring our final suggestions and be ready to choose in November.
Sorry once again that this post is so late.  And please, whether you are a member, or just someone who lurked upon this blog, leave us a comment if you agree, disagree, or would like to recommend a good book.
Can't wait to see you in November when we discuss Diane Setterfield's The Thirteenth Tale.


Paddy said...

I agree that Twilight isn't really book club material. I have read the first two and while I found them addictive, I don't know how deep a discussion we could get into about vampires, werewolves or high school romances.

Jenn said...

Hahaha... that's exactly what I thought. I finished the entire saga... ADDICTIVE in a "Harry Potter: sense, but not deep, that's for sure. When Edward or Bella's or Jacob's actions / thoughts / whining would annoy me, I would have to take a step back and try to remember that Twilight is teen fiction, and so it only makes sense that there would be some teen angst involved. That dosen't make me any less excited for the movie though... I totally have a teen-angst sexy-vampire crush on Edward Cullen!
Glad to hear you're enjoying them too, Paddy!

Jenn said...

OH by the way Paddy... what did you think of the new look... I thought it was reflective of the members of the Tuesday Night Book Club... Classy and Cool. Do you like it?

Paddy said...

I do like it and since we are the only ones who read the blog, our opinion is what really matters!

Vanessa said...

I read the blog, i am just not on here ALL day!!
ooh and TEAM JACOB!!!!!
MM i do love me some vampire but damn i have my eyes set on jacob... HIZ-OT!!!
I cant wait to see u tomorrow!