Monday, December 29, 2008

The Sealed Letter

Hey Ladies,
I was on the Chapters website today, and I noticed that The Sealed Letter isn't available in trade paperback until April 9th. As Jenn pointed out to me, we are supposed to be reading it for the month of april, but there may not be enough time to get the book and get it read.
So do you guys think we could move it to May so that we can buy trade instead of hard cover?
We can talk about it at club on the 20th.


Jeannette said...

I'm down with that, yo. Any suggestions for an April replacement?

Jenn said...

The Shadow in the Wind, fo sho.

Lynn said...

Fine by me too. I'll check out my bookcases and bring some suggestions to the next meeting!

Vanessa said...

I am sooo in for the shadow in the wind! Looks AMAZING! :)

Paddy said...

Fine with me as well.