Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Long-awaited Return of the Blog…

and the return of your blog-mistress: moi:)

First—old business.
It comes to my attention that I never blogged about Kathryn Stockett's The Help. It's a tragedy, my friends—a tragedy!—that I neglected to do this. I will give the you the short version of how that book discussion went down.

It was awesome! Yay! We all loved it! So good, and well-written, yet poignant. The writer really made us feel fear and sorrow, and happiness too. A great book, recommended by all members. A special mention goes to Darline here for making us poo-pie to eat, and to Trisha for letting us invade her home:)

Next order of business—Blog layout.
I went for stylish, sophisticated, 100% pure classy. Just like the members of the Third Tuesday Book Club. Share you love/hate/feedback/thoughts in the comments.

The Mistress of Nothing by Kate Pullinger

This book did not go over well with the members of the Third Tuesday Book Club. While it certainly did not rival Elegance of the Hedgehog in suckage, it wasn't so great. I will, now and always, hold the award for choosing the worst book of all time…so stop trying to pick bad books to steal my honour, Jeanette! Hahaha.

Either way, I am not going to dwell or spend a lot of time doing the book write up for this one. No-one really enjoyed it or contributed a lot, and I have many other items to cover in this post.

So…moving on!
The next few months have seen some date changes, venue changes, and book selection changes. Pay attention...LOL. Here is the schedule from now until January 2011.

Third Tuesday, the 23rd.
Meeting Place: Sue's house.
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Reading: Little Bee by Chris Cleave
All are welcome. Check your inbox for directions, and bring a snack if you want.

Fourth Tuesday, the 26th
Meeting Place: Chapters
Time: TBA…check back soon (Trisha? Time?)
Reading: Sarah Gruen's The Ape House
All are welcome. We will be seeing Sara Gruen do a reading from The Ape House.

Fourth Tuesday, the 23rd
Meeting Place: Chapters
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Reading: Suzanne Collins' The Mocking Jay
All are Welcome. Can't wait to see you there.

TBA—Dinner and fabulosity

January 2011
Third Tuesday, the 18th
Meeting Place: Chapters
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Reading: The Bishop's Man (tentative?)

Blogmistress' Note:
OK, so I think that's it ladies. Don't forget, this blog is now my one and only blog, so don't see surprised to see a few sporadic personal pirate-like entries from time to time. It's less work, and I have a really funny life sometimes, so why not simplify, and bring it all together, eh? LOL

Lastly, as the lists in the sidebar have also been updated, please refer to the blog if you need clarification on times, dates, venues, or titles. Any and all emails asking for such information will be sent back with swear words in them, and a message directing you to the *expletive* blog.

With the new look comes the turning of a new leaf for the blog. Look for a little more awesomeness moving forward.

*Be excellent to each other*


trisha said...

So I have officially come to view the updated blog. Sorry it has taken so long, with the demise and subsequent resurrection of our computer/files I can't believe how much time passed. I lost my link with the crash and all my e-mail addresses too, it was harrowing. I am informed now, so we are good to go.

trisha said...

So I seem to be the only person coming to the blog and/or commenting - I just realized that I was NOT a very good club member in 2010 as I did not read 3 of the books, Mr Wicher, Stones and Mistress. This is disturbing for 2 reasons, 3 is a lot, I always read EVERYTHING and, secondly, I think all 3 sucked so I don't care. Here's to 2011!!