Sunday, February 13, 2011

January—The Bishop's Man by Lyndon McIntyre

In January, we met and discussed Lyndon McIntyre's The Bishop's Man. This read provided a bleak and dreary look at the priesthood in the Catholic Church during the early nineties in the Canadian Maritimes.

This book does not tie-up nicely at the end—but in life, what does?

The characters in this book were many, and in true Maritime fashion, they all seemed to have similar—if not same—names. This made following the story a bit confusing at times. That, and the fact the book jumps around in time frequently, and without pattern. The jumps in time seemed to primarily serve as a platform to tell the story of Father MacAskill's time in Honduras, were he met the love of his life, Jacinta. Of course, the problem here is that priests are celibate, and so his love of—and with?—Jacinta was forbidden, and life was lost because of it. It seems to be McIntyre's fashion to only allude to goings-ons, and not come right out and say. He certainly alludes to an awful lot of misconduct between priests and young boys and girls, and he alludes to a love affair between MacAskill and Jacinta, but he never actually says. I guess he leaves it to the readers. The only misconduct the he confirms is that between Danny Mac and his incestuous relative. McIntyre's attempt a "twist" ending by introducing the cousin last-minute is transparent at best.

Overall, the Third Tuesday Book Club did not overly enjoy this book. I personally only recommend it if you like total speculation, and if you like to be bored to tears from start to finish.


We are meeting this Tuesday, February 15 at the usual place at 7:30pm at the usual place. We will be discussing Emma Donaghue's Room.

Our next book is Audrey Niffenegger's Her Fearful Symmetry. That meeting will be on Tuesday, March 15 at 7:30pm at the usual place.

Sue and Vanessa should both be ready to pick books, please.

Last, please note that the list has been revised again. It is as follows:

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January 2012: Jenn

Alrighty—I do believe that is all for now. See everyone this Tuesday!

Be excellent to each other.

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