Monday, October 3, 2011

September - One Day by David Nichols

No more of these stuffy-like entries...time to tell it how it is.  The Third Tuesday Book Club?  Well, we just ain't (are not) you're Grandma's book club.

Here's what goes down.  We gather.  It's an amazing sight to behold.  Strong, beautiful women with sass-atude and smarts joining together at one table.  I mean at three very small tables pushed together.  Anyways, as we start to gather and settle into place, the public stops to behold the sight: what's going on? Are those women gathering so that they may discuss world issues, and solve many of the world's greatest problems, such as finding ways to replace unrenewable resources and bring peace to all countries in strife? 

Actually, no.  But we could solve the world's problems, and look good while doing it too.  But what are we really doing there.

D'uh.  Looking at Edward Cullen.  And talking about the book for a minute.  And just talking.

There's something to be said for female camaraderie.  It's amazing to me that women from all different walks of life can come together and just talk.  We share stories, and similar interest, but in reality we are each so very different from one another, that I sometimes find myself astonished that such friendship has blossomed amongst us.

That being said, David Nichol's One Day did earn itself about 15 minutes of discussion.  It was well-liked, and Trish described it as book you could lose yourself in.  I, on the other hand,  could NOT get lost in this book!  It just seemed don't know.


I guess the point of this post is to try and explain to you that I couldn't wrote a real blog post because we were too busy chatting about other things, laughing, talking, and looking at Edward Cullen to properly discuss the book.  A well, this isn't your Grandma's book club.  This is also not Ben's book club. (Sue!)

Next month's meeting is on Oct 18.  We will be discussing Mazerunner.

In Nov., we will be reading The Art of Chasing the Rain, by Garth Stein.  I am having a hard time finding this book in used book stores.  I am a poor, poor woman.  Anyone have a copy I can borrow?

Until then,
Be excellent to each other. 

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